Nama-Khoi Local Municipality

SCM Register of Bids 2013/2014

Bid NumberDocument
BOD/NC062/01/2013/2014Short Term Insurance Portfolio
BOD/NC062/07/2013/2014Supply and Maintenance of Printers
BOD/NC062/08/2013/2014Supply and Delivery of Computer Equipment
BOD/NC062/17/2013/2014Revaluation and Unbundeling of Infrastructure and Community Assets
BOD/NC062/02/2013/2014Engineering Services Head Office
BOD/NC062/03/2013/2014Supply and Deliver of Pavers Bricks and Kerbs
BOD/NC062/05/2013/2014Matjieskloof Construction of 40 RDP Houses
BOD/NC062/06/2013/2014Okiep Construction of 25 RDP Houses
BOD/NC062/09/2013/2014Construction of Pavement Roads and Stormwater Bergsig
BOD/NC062/10/2013/2014Resealing of Tar Road Okiep
BOD/NC062/11/2013/2014Construction of Pavement roads Nababeep
BOD/NC062/12/2013/2014Construction of Pavement roads Steinkopf
BOD/NC062/13/2013/2014Construction of Pavement roads Okiep
BOD/NC062/14/2013/2014Construction of Pavement roads Buffelsrivier
BOD/NC062/18/2013/2014Supply and Delivery of Fuel Tanks and Dispensing Equipment
BOD/NC062/19/2013/2014Full Maintenance Lease Agreement
BOD/NC062/20/2013/2014Supply of Protective Clothing for a Period of 2 Years
BOD/NC062/22/2013/2014Supply and Delivery of Tar
BOD/NC062/23/2013/2014Appointment of Conveyancer for Transfer of RDP Houses
BOD/NC062/24/2013/2014Konstruksie van Plaveisel Pad Nababeep
BOD/NC062/26/2013/2014New Extension en Upgrade of Sport Complex Concordia
Q/NC062/01/2013/2014Construction of 5 Toilets Bergsig, Buffelsrivier and Kommagas
Q/NC062/02/2013/2014Construction of 5 Toilets Okiep, Skietbank and Nababeep
Q/NC062/03/2013/2014 Construction of Sewerage Pumpstation and Rest Room
Q/NC062/04/2013/2014Application for Mining Permits
Q/NC062/05/2013/2014Purchase of Law Enforcement Uniforms 
Q/NC062/07/2013/2014Cleaning of UDS Toilets Okiep 
Q/NC062/08/2013/2014Cleaning of UDS Toilets Steinkopf 
Q/NC062/10/2013/2014Supply and Delivery of 900X Cold ASPHALT
Q/NC062/11/2013/2014Supply and Delivery of a Network 48 Port Switch
Q/NC062/12/2013/2014Supply and Delivery of High Volume Printer
Q/NC062/13/2013/2014Roller Hydrostatic Hatz Diesel 10HP
Q/NC062/14/2013/2014Recondition Engine ISUZU 4 HF1
Q/NC062/15/2013/2014Repair Braking System
Q/NC062/16/2013/2014Provision of 2 sewage pumps at Kommagas Oxidation Pond Pump Station 
Q/NC062/17/2013/2014Installation Test and handover mechanical, Electrical Instumentation Equipment Kommagas 
Q/NC062/22/2013/2014Cleaning of UDS Toilets Steinkopf
Q/NC062/23/2013/2014Cleaning of UDS Toilets Bulletrap