Nama-Khoi Local Municipality

SCM Register 2014/2015

Bid NumberDocument
BOD_NC062_03_2014_2015Construction of 38 RDP HOUSES-Okiep
BOD_NC062_04_2014_2015Construction of 38 RDP HOUSES-Okiep
BOD_NC062_05_2014_2015Construction of 38 RDP HOUSES-Okiep
BOD_NC062_06_2014_2015Construction of 38 RDP HOUSES-Okiep
BOD_NC062_07_2014_2015Construction of 38 RDP HOUSES-Okiep
BOD_NC062_08_2014_2015Construction of 45 RDP HOUSES-Matjieskloof
BOD_NC062_09_2014_2015Construction of 45 RDP HOUSES-Matjieskloof
BOD_NC062_11_2014_2015Provision of Cash in Transit Security Services
Q_NC062_03_2014_2015New Diff Centre Portion
Q_NC062_04_2014_2015Supply of Brake Kit For CAT Grader
Q_NC062_05_2014_2015Repair of Refuse Truck Compactor
Q_NC062_10_2014_2015Supply and Deliver of Tar
Q_NC062_06_2014_2015Supply and Deliver of Tar