SCM Register of Bids 2011/2012

Bid Number Document & Download
BOD/NC062/01/2011/2012 Supply Of Pavers And Curb Channels
BOD/NC062/02/2011/2012 Repair Road Surfaces Nababeep
BOD/NC062/03/2011/2012 Repair Of Roads Surfaces / Springbok
BOD/NC062/04/2011/2012 Protective Clothing
BOD/NC062/17/2011/2012 Concordia Konstruksie Van Bethelstraat
BOD/NC062/16/2011/2012 Steinkopf Konstruksie Van Kerkstraat
BOD/NC062/18/2011/2012 Stormwater Structures Okiep
Q/NC062/03/2011/2012 Supply Of Material Jakkalswater
BOD/NC062/20/2011/2012 Vioolsdrift Bulk Water
BOD/NC062/26/2011/2012 Okiep Low Cost Housing 25 Rdp Houses
BOD/NC062/27/2011/2012 Matjieskloof Rdp Houses
BOD/NC062/28/2011/2012 Refurbishment / Improvement On Municipal Offices In Springbok
Q-NC062-08-2011-2012 Uitbou Van Damme Te Wolftoon Steinkopf
Q-NC062-05-2011-2012 Stormwater Structures Nababeep
Q-NC062-06-2011-2012 Stormwater Structures Okiep
Q-NC062-07-2011-2012 Play Detector Municipal Testing Station