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New Council and Administration address legacy Eskom challenges


Taking lead of any municipality within the current financial, political and vast array of challenges of today is not an easy feat for the most proficient amongst us. Hence, taking lead of a municipality with a well-documented history of woes related servicing of the Bulk Electricity Bills, added an element of stickiness to an already challenging spectrum of service delivery challenges. Therefore, when the Nama Khoi team got issued the Notice Of Interruption of Service by Eskom, opposed to the expected response of demise, hopefulness or even despair, the team pulled together, took heart in the fact that as a management team they actually already commenced with interventions to enhance the municipality’s revenue collection, which meant the scheduled engagement with Eskom at the start of 2017 presented itself as a brilliant opportunity, to for once and all, put the Eskom billing ghosts of the past to rest

In summary the reason why Eskom issued the related notice to Nama Khoi was the fact that over the period of 2012 up to early 2016 Nama Khoi struggled to collect enough revenue linked to electricity sales. This were typically due to an array of collection issues, e.g.: continual monthly penalties link to Notified Maximum Demand Exceeding (which is non-recoverable via collections), legacy billing system gremlins, e.g. users of electricity not registered on the billing system or incorrectly meter, to mention but a few of the myriad of contributing factors.However, after starting a very focused metering and billing system enhancement initiative (in partnership with Vodacom), the newly appointed council and administration not only generated real collection improvement results, but also collected significantly more revenue over the October’16 to December’16 period that enabled the management team to present to Eskom a proposal addressing both: an immediate down payment on past arrears plus providing suffice proof to Eskom that they have a solid handle on the root causes linked to the past woes to prevent a repeat of the past

Although the road ahead is still steep, the team can ensure the Nama Khoi community that they are in safe hands and over the course of the next few weeks various interventions will be communicated to the various categories of users.

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